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Web Design

At the heart of a seamless digital experience, lies a great website. Whether you sell products or offer services, our team of experts can design for you a website that matches the aura of your brand and offer your users an out-of-the box experience that will help you stand out amongst the rest. Our Web Design team has worked with leading companies across industries and helped them elevate engagement by engaging visitors with user centred designs.

We take pride in crafting creative, well-thought and responsive web designs that are optimal for your business goals & user needs.

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Graphic Design

To mark the presence of your brand in the digital world your business needs graphics that define the visual identity of your brand. From Digital Marketing collaterals to publications, your visual compositions are key for communicating ideas and the value of your brand.

Our team specializes in all types of Graphic designs, and we ensure every visual element we use reflects all the intangible qualities your brand has. In an ever-evolving industry, our designers are well versed in a variety of skills, and can tailor make solutions for your brand.


In general, a wireframe specifies the details of a whole website or application at an initial stage. But for us a wireframe is the base of any good project. A unique and well-defined wireframe can be the building blocks of placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas, and navigation across your website.

We at Snowflakes, ensure that we ideate, understand and design the most relevant wireframes for your business website to help you ensure a smarter user experience. Seeing a wireframe can help you clarify any expectations about how features will be executed.

Mobile App UI

The core of our designing is rooted to a keen understanding of your business and your audience. The understanding, research and ideation for mobile app UI is aimed at giving your product a seamless feel and a fresh user experience.

Our team first creates product prototypes and wireframes to design the navigation flows and interactive elements. We then integrate approved prototypes to test them with your current systems and then conceptualize designs and an engaging front-end for your users.

Logo Design

A logo is the identity of a brand. It reflects what a business stands for, what a business means, what colours define the brand; it’s the single most important identity of a brand. We at Snowflakes, understand this value.

Our team uses their expertise to understand, define, ideate, explore and materialize the ideal logo for your brand. A logo that not only stands out as the identity of your brand but also connects with your users.

Email Templates

Contrary to popular opinion, we at Snowflakes do not believe that email marketing is a lost art. On the other hand, we feel it’s still the most effective way to reach out to your audience. You just need to understand what clicks! This is where our marketing and design experts join hands to design for you email templates that exceed user expectations.

Our team specializes in creating custom email templates which are 100% responsive and custom-coded to perfection.

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