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The digital marketing industry is a dynamic industry and it never slows down as interactive marketing. The marketing strategies and acquiring new customers tactics are growing day by day. The growth of the social web has led to increase of new interactive channels to target the right audience.

The basis of marketing never change though, basically they remain like creating something unique, eye catchy for the audience. But, the thing that changes is that the marketer has to regularly acquire new skills to understand the preferences and consumption patterns of the target audience that keep on changing with time.

For example—52% of the marketers in India and around the world still consider video as the type of the content that gives the best return on investment to the company. The Cisco predicts that by 2020 video will attract the attention of a majority of customers and around 43% of people like to watch videos that too something creative from the marketer.

In the last year 2016, a good growth and revenue was the priority & converting leads to customers and increasing website traffic remained the main concern of most business houses. The interesting reality of digital marketing is that it moves with speed of rocket so as the technologies grow the whole world converted into digitalization.

So the year 2016 was the year developments in the fields of social media, mobile marketing and user experience. Now, the question arises quickly what will be the trend in 2017. Let’s have a look at the trends in this year.

1. In-Store Marketing

This may not seem like a branch of digital marketing, but in this year distance between the physical and online sales will narrow down even more.

Nowadays, 80% people use their smartphone to purchase the products. The stores like Amazon, Snapdeal and many more are the highest growing eCommerce sites. This year will see more and more people buying products from such online stores. The number of people willing to receive mobile alerts will also increase. So the business houses and companies will have to make a right mobile strategy to capture customers in store through digital techniques.

2. Eye Catchy Videos

With the advancement of digital technology, the eye catchy videos accounted for 50% of the mobile traffic, which means more videos will be shared in the coming months. The company will give more attention to the content and creativity in video creation particular in this social media.

The marketers are using so many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and periscope by posting live videos to communicate with their customers. These days people having interest in videos.

3. Social Media Marketing

There is still a huge interest in social media because of its reach and advanced options to attract audiences. The recent research shows that continued growth in social media usage overall, but with the reduced popularity of some social networks in some countries. As social media consumption are getting more and more and the big players are monopolizing the market, there can be a lot of significant changes in social media in the upcoming years.

For example, Twitter and Facebook are declining in many western markets while Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are still growing in usage. Now the business needs to ‘pay to play’ strategy to get the reach needed to have an impact. They have to make continuous efforts in their targeting and re- marketing options.

4. Wearable Mobile Devices

Wearables are one of the trendiest products like Apple Watch, activity tracker, etc. The research shows that there are 7.22 billion mobile devices are active in the world that shows there is more technology in the world than people. So it is easy to understand why business houses do a lot of smartphone marketing.

In 2015, the wearable market is about $2 billion and now in the current year 2017, it is expected to reach $4 billion or above.

5. Interactive Content

In the current digital marketing scenario engaging the audience is everything, and marketers succeed when their audience not only use that content but also like it and acts upon it or share it.
As the digital technology getting changed with the pace of time, the brands and the businesses engaging consumers are seemingly endless, and it also shows that is more valuable in 2017.

Now the time has come to pay attention to the these advanced digital marketing trends that are beginning to emerge.

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