The Complete List of Video Marketing Tools (Updated for 2022)

Are you looking for the best video marketing tools? 

If yes, then buckle up! We can showcase the complete list of video marketing tools that can cater to every business’s needs.

But did you ever think why videos? 

According to a study, it is found that by 2022 over 82% of all online traffic will include video traffic, which is far greater than expected. 

Recently, videos have evolved and are not just a medium to showcase the content, but they are an effective way to educate customers about the products or services.

For the year 2022, videos will dominate social media platforms to attract potential customers and boost sales.

In a survey conducted, it is found that an average person spends 5.5 hours daily watching videos online.

The power of video marketing and its tools is expanding day by day.

Video Marketing Meaning

Video is a tool or medium to represent visualized ideas. Promoting this medium on offline and online platforms to showcase the actual use of services or products to the target audience is known as video marketing.

The primary purpose of video marketing is to drive traffic and boost sales by displaying video content on websites and social media platforms.

Best Video Marketing Tools in 2022

If you plan to enhance your brand’s presence through video marketing, you must be aware of the complete list of video marketing tools.

Though there are many tools available, the right ones depend on your requirement.

Here is a complete list of video marketing tools (updated for 2022):

  1. VidIQ
  2. Shakr
  3. Promo
  4. Animoto
  5. Filmora Pro
  6. Final Cut Pro
  7. VideoScribe


This is one of the best video marketing tools used to make the most out of YouTube marketing.

VidIQ allows marketers to boost YouTube video views, track video performance, research best keywords, and do much more to improve the video’s organic reach.

Salient features of VidIQ:

  • Research best keywords for your content
  • Monitor video performance
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Brainstorm ideas with AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Email alert for top trending videos and much more!


Following four plans are available for users interested in VidIQ:

  • Basic plan: FREE
  • Pro plan: Starting at $7.50/month
  • Boost plan: Starting at $39/month
  • Boost+ plan: Starting at $415/month


Shakr is among the top video marketing tools that offer creative automation for video.

The agency provides a range of video designs that you can choose for your brand. Not just YouTube, but you can scale your video to all social media platforms.

Perhaps, it’s a well-known online video making and editing tool designed to meet the need of all sizes of businesses.

Using the tool, marketers can boost their branding on a larger scale.

Having a plethora of video features, business owners can create striking and magnificent videos to attract customers and drive more traffic.

Additionally, Shakr is a user-friendly platform where one can develop videos most easily and share them on social media platforms within no time. 

Salient features of Shakr:

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple options are available in one place
  • Custom video designs
  • Business-oriented templates


Shakr provides three different price plans for various business requirements:

  • Creative Automation: From $2000/month
  • Innovative API & SDK: Custom pricing

Promo is one of the most popular video marketing tools wherein you can create any type of content, such as compelling video ads, social media videos, product videos, explainer videos they have millions of templates for any kind of business type and it fits all types of contents. With Promo You can also make videos for advertisements easily and effortlessly. It helps you market your products or services increases brand awareness and expands your reach and entices your customers.

Salient features of Promo:

  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Smart and easy video creation.
  • Unlimited access to thousands of ready-made templates.
  • Free tools are open for video editing.
  • No experience necessary
  • Bring any idea to life in minutes – by yourself.



  • $14.30 Billed annually
  • Publish Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Premium Clips
  • NEW Editorial Media
  • 5,000+ Ready-Made Templates
  • Add Your Logo to Any Video


  • $47.67 Billed annually
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Reseller Rights
  • White-Label Sharing
  • 5,000+ Ready-Made Templates
  • Manage Multiple Brands
  • For freelancers and agencies, looking to create unlimited videos for multiple brands


Animoto is among the best video marketing tools that allow users to develop professional-grade animated videos.

These videos can be created on both smartphones and desktops.

The application is user-friendly, where one with little or no technical knowledge in using premium production software can also utilize its benefits. 

Animoto provides multiple templates for various businesses, such as real estate, photography, NGO, eCommerce businesses, education, etc.

Salient features of Animoto:

  • Easy customization tools
  • Free trial plan
  • Several pre-built templates
  • Unlimited video creation
  • No experience necessary
  • Free Tutorials and access to blogs


Animoto offers four different annual and monthly plans for its users, namely.

  • Free plan: Rs. 0/month
  • Basic plan: Rs. 550/month
  • Professional program: Rs. 1080/month
  • Professional plus plan: Rs. 2200/month

Filmora Pro

For occasional or casual video editors like marketers, Filmora Pro is a decent choice.

Compared to advanced video marketing tools available in the market, Filmora Pro is a much easier choice to operate and create stunning videos.

Not just it’s easy to operate, this video editing software doesn’t require technical understanding.

They even offer a one-time subscription plan for a lifetime; hence you won’t need to pay again and again for using the app.

Filmora Pro even allows its users to learn about creating and editing videos on iOS or even Android applications.

Some of the features of Filmora Pro:

  • Free trial available.
  • Advanced editing features.
  • Built-in templates
  • User-friendly software
  • 24/7 support
  • Multiple plug-ins available
  • Free tools are open for video editing.


Filmora Pro has several plans for different needs. The plans go as individuals, team & business, education, and bundles.

Prices of the same are referred as below:

  • Individual Plan: 
    • Month plan- $28.98/month 
    • Annual plan- $68.98 
    • Perpetual plan- $116.95 lifetime
  • Team & Business: 
    • For Team: Annual plan (for 1 user)- $155.88
    • For Business: Custom pricing
  • Educational: 
    • For Student: Starting from $19.99/month
    • For Educator: Custom pricing
  • Bundles: Starting from $5.07/month

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is one of the best-advanced video marketing tools. The platform allows you to create high-definition videos and market them on social media platforms.

With fast deliverables, users can deliver multiple files quickly on YouTube and other mediums.

This is a performance platform for users who wish to stick with iOS or MAC applications.

Using the software, you can create dazzling videos using highly advanced features for editing, clipping, importing, and marketing.

Salient features of Final Cut Pro: 

  • Beautiful and customizable templates
  • Dazzling visual efforts
  • Quick editing, importing, and marketing.
  • Third-party applications are available.


  • One-time payment of $299.99/ license.


VideoScribe is a powerful and easy video marketing tool that allows users to create animated videos for their businesses in quite simple steps.

Using this software, a user can create amazing videos such as animated explainer videos, whiteboard style videos, cartoon videos, educational videos, etc.

Plus, the software doesn’t require any technical understanding.

Thus, you can create and market videos with royalty-free music, graphics, and more without design know-how.

Here are the features of VideoScribe:

  • Unlimited uploads
  • 7-day free trial
  • It can be used on multiple devices
  • Complete video editing and creating
  • Increase retention, boost conversions, and influence buying.
  • Wide range of pre-built images and GIFs.


There are three different plans available for users-

  • Monthly plan: $20.65/month
  • Annual plan: $9.44/month
  • One-off plan: $566.40/month

Closing Thoughts

Video marketing tools are one of the most preferred online marketing tactics that allow users to expand their business and reach more audiences.

Having a tool that can be helpful to create engaging videos is quite essential as it can fulfill your business needs and enhance productivity.

The tools offered above are helpful for branding, driving more sales, and meeting analytic purposes.