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We at Snowflakes offer comprehensive software testing solutions for websites and mobile applications. Partner with our team and get website, mobile and web application testing services catered to you by our dedicated team of talented engineers, who are familiar with your domains, processes, and requirements

We offer a variety of QA services including automation testing, manual testing, mobile QA, regression testing, QA analysis and more

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is used to check whether the planned functionality is working as expected or not. Rather than doing the entire regression testing, Sanity testing is performed. This test abstains from avoiding the wastage of time and cost that is involved in testing if the build is fizzled. A tester should reject the build upon manufacture failure. Sanity testing is normally done close to the end of a test cycle, to learn whether bugs have been fixed or not and whether minor changes to the code are well tolerated. Sanity tests can be performed manually. The sanity test assesses discerning procedures inside the application.

Cross Browser Testing

 There are various browsers, devices and working frameworks available today, cross program testing is a vital part of developing software. The main aim of cross-program testing is to give predictable conduct and experience over all browsers, gadgets, and platform.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is an approach to perceive how simple to utilize something is by trying it with genuine clients. Clients are approached to finish tasks, commonly while they are being seen by a researcher, to see where they experience issues and confusion. 

The objective is to all the more likely see how genuine clients communicate with your item and to improve the item depending on the outcomes. The basic role of a usability test is to improve a design. In a normal usability test, genuine clients endeavor to achieve regular objectives, or tasks, with an item under controlled conditions.

Functional/ Non Functional Testing

Non Functional Testing is the kind of testing done against the non-functional prerequisites. The vast majority of the criteria are not considered in the functional testing so it is utilized to check the preparation of a system. Basically, in this test is utilized for the major non-functional properties of software systems. 

Defect Tracking

Defect Tracking is the strategy to find out the bugs by setting up the need for each bug and furthermore investigate the defect summary with a definite presence. 

There are different tools available for a similar like Zira, Mantis and so forth.

Smoke Testing -

SMOKE TESTING, sometimes called “Build Verification Testing”, is a kind of software testing that includes a non-exclusive arrangement of tests that aim of guaranteeing that the most vital functions work. The final result of this testing is utilized to choose if a build is stable enough to continue with further testing or not. 

Smoke testing is utilized to test all zones of the application without going into excessively profound. A smoke test dependably utilizes an automated test or a composed arrangement of tests. It is constantly scripted. Smoke testing dependably guarantees whether the most crucial elements of a program are working, yet not wasting time with better details.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is the way toward testing changes to programming projects to ensure that the older programming still works with the new changes.

Software Regression testing, in this test software tester re-executes the functional and non-functional test cases to ensure that recently created and tested programming software still performs after a change. If not, that would be known as a regression.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing is a procedure by which application software produced for handheld devices is tested for its usefulness, ease of use and consistency

Major Key Challenges for Mobile Application Testing

Must be Downloadable: The application must be possible for the specific stage, for the most part of an application store.

Variety of Mobile Platforms/OSes: There are distinctive versatile working frameworks/ operating systems in the market. The significant ones are Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Each working framework has its very own restrictions.

Gadget Availability: Access to the correct arrangement of gadgets when there is a regularly developing list of gadgets and working framework versions is a constant versatile and mobile application testing challenge. Access to gadgets or devices can turn out to be significantly more challenging if testers are spread crosswise over the various areas.

Mobile system operators: More than 400 mobile network operators are present in the world out of which some are CDMA, some GSM, though others utilize less normal system standards like FOMA, and TD-SCDMA.

And, some other strategies are likewise pursued the same.

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