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Project Timeline


360 Days


7 Members

App Modules

Workit App, Business App, Super Admin Panel


Job Portal Marketplace


When Ken contacted us for both the Website and the App, we were very happy to assist him with this project. This website was going to be loaded with features that required a lot of R&D and hit and trial and after months of planning, development & strategizing – we were finally able to develop a wonderful website and mobile app that will be launched in the US market. The concept of the application is pretty simple –It is a Job Portal with four types of users:Workit - Who Does Work. Business Owner - Who Post Job. Supervisor - Who Checks work. Super Admin - God Of Platform.


Due to the complexities in the work, the development of the project was an aggregate build. We built the site on top of the PHP backend, and angular frontend framework and every module is 100% custom.By utilizing, we were able to have complete control over the domain which met Workits requirements for job finder and admin roles.


The first step was to analyze the main competitors and get acquainted with the existing products. I reviewed several similar apps, talked to the stakeholders and made a list of both implemented and planned UX flows.
Once we gained a clearer picture of our users, we began adapting web user flows to the mobile environment and started generating design solutions in the form of paper prototypes.
While working on any project our strategy is to give clients proper documentation and screenshots that help us in building things easily in the design and development phase so we work accordingly and after each phase, we test functionalities and update clients using daily reports.

So that all things are on the right level.

Design & Development Stage

Wire Frame

Each solution helps designers map and visualize their design plans at varying degrees of detail and functionality through the development phase.

UI and UX Design

Both UX and UI are critical components for the user to enjoy the product.

Development & Implementation

It is a favorable point that the developed system is simple and can be used relatively easily without having to know the system.

Final Launch

launch of a new product is not an event, but a process aimed at bringing the product to market in a way that creates momentum.


Social Media/Login

We have social media signup in-app using which users can just login easily in few steps and can post jobs

Integrated Chat Options

You can easily chat with employers and job seekers according to your requirement and sort your queries using a user-friendly system.

Add To Fav

You can add to fav any job and you can apply for it later if you want.

Time Calendar

You can select a date and set your availability the business owner can see on which date you are available


There were different notifications when somebody signed up or when somebody had booked. All notifications were there in website and on email as well


We have integrate walled in website so that when ever business owner post any job he can see in his wallet what money he has spent and then in end while releasing money to workit, He/she can track from payments tab.

Technology Stack

Front end - Html/CSS

Backend - PHP - Laravel

Database - MYSQL

Jquery, Js, Angular


Workit's fresh new website is successfully built and all of its functionalities, programs, and services are unified under one cohesive roof. And since a website should be a moving, breathing thing, Workits International is positioned with all the tools it needs for its business to evolve in the future.

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