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Transteam is talent recruitment and matchmaking tool for employers located in the United States. Transteam sought out a way to meet the needs of employers, recruiters, and prospective job seekers of a particular area. Snowflakes Software developed a custom DNN Module for the job portal that streamlines talent recruitment and retention efforts as the countries one-stop source for employment information.


Employers and recruiters in the US continued to request a comprehensive online tool to strengthen their talent recruitment and retention efforts. However, it was clear that a standard job portal would not satisfy all of their individual requirements or meet their resounding need for a one-stop employment information resource.


Snowflakes Software developed a custom DNN module for the job portal tool of Transteam that allows the site to serve as a one-stop employment information portal for the whole United States employers, recruiters, and allows users to create, save, and update online job postings. The custom job portal also allows area employers and recruiters to access applicant information in real-time and use an integrated, pre-qualified candidate sharing mechanism to seek out relevant applicants with automated and customized communications.

Design & Development Stage

Wire Frame

Each solution helps designers map and visualize their design plans at varying degrees of detail and functionality through the development phase.

UI and UX Design

Both UX and UI are critical components for the user to enjoy the product.

Development & Implementation

It is a favorable point that the developed system is simple and can be used relatively easily without having to know the system.

Final Launch

launch of a new product is not an event, but a process aimed at bringing the product to market in a way that creates momentum.


Social Media/Login

We have social media signup in-app using which users can just login easily in few steps and can post jobs/Search candidates/Apply Jobs

Search Filter

You can easily search employers and candidates according to filters. Candidate can search job as well according to their category

Post Blogs

User can add their blogs to website and people can like and comment on it

Post Job

Employers can post job by giving proper details and they can search suitable candidates accordingly.


We have a map integrated into a website in which we can see jobs and apply on them. It shows as pointer in website

Technology Stack

Front end - Html/CSS


Database - MYSQL



Since its launch, Transteam has quickly become the preferred online resource for area employers, recruiters, and job seekers. Traffic data from the custom job portal shows daily increases in the number of job seeker registrations and job postings, and feedback from prospective job seekers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have cited the number of relevant jobs and easy-to-use interface as the main reasons why they are no longer using national job boards to search for jobs. Since the custom job portal also allows area employers and recruiters to post jobs at no additional cost, many are tapping into the large pool of qualified candidates and using the integrated Reverse Placement Program tool to fill open positions quickly and effectively.

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