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SportzBeat is a free online community designed with keeping the sports enthusiast exclusively in mind. From mind-bending plays to draft debates, strategy to free agency, team loyalty to the players you love to hate, and everything in between – SportzBeat is where dedicated sports fans come together to share and connect with other like-minded individuals throughout the world.


During our initial chat, we had set clear intentions. Since the client was a bit hesitant and couldn't explain their idea clearly, we had to improvise, our number one goal was to create a presence that optimized the experience on both mobile devices and larger screens. Another goal was to structure their content in a way that told a story to their audience, so site visitors could understand what and how Sportzbeat works


While working on any project our strategy is to give clients proper documentation and screenshots that help us in building things easily in the design and development phase.

We also conducted a competitive audit during this time to ensure we had a good pulse on what competitors were doing. We collected inspiration from effective UX patterns we observed and benchmarked where Sportsbeatz stood among the competition. These steps allowed us to put together a solid strategy before jumping into the build phase.

Design & Development Stage

Wire Frame

Each solution helps designers map and visualize their design plans at varying degrees of detail and functionality through the development phase.

UI and UX Design

Both UX and UI are critical components for the user to enjoy the product.

Development & Implementation

It is a favorable point that the developed system is simple and can be used relatively easily without having to know the system.

Final Launch

launch of a new product is not an event, but a process aimed at bringing the product to market in a way that creates momentum.

Social Media/Login

We have social media signup in-app using which users can just login easily in a few steps and can post jobs without any hassle. This saves time and would avoid pitstops of signing up or logging in.

Search Filter

You can easily search blogs and comment on them and its search filter is keywords based very user friendly. With this, the user can easily crawl over to the particular blog that they would like to read.

Category Selection

You have the different categories you can select and add your blog in that, this would also be useful for the user coming to read the blog on the website.

Post Blogs

Users can add their blogs to websites and people can like and comment on it, this would actually help create a community of diverse group of people.


Users can like and comment on each other's posts, thus creating a diverse group of people posting and liking each other's posts


User can share post to third party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc, which in turn will bring on more traffic from the social channels.

Technology Stack

Front end - HTML/CSS

Backend - Php - Laravel


Java Script


In the end, we were able to deliver to Sportzbeatz an up-to-date, polished website that is optimized for any device present. With an online presence that now matches their esteemed reputation, they can confidently continue building the future with sports ventures they partner with.

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