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App Modules

It is one type of app/website in which we have two modules. -Customer -Driver




Gomywayride Services Ltd is an online platform mobile and web for users to prearrange rides and has enabled thousands of people to trust each other and travel together. Gomywayride matches car owners who have empty seats with riders heading in the same direction. Car Owners: Car owners share their details (Time, Date and Pick up point) in the application for the route that they are travelling. For Riders Get a ride in someone's car, it's affordable & convenient. . Free signup . Affordable rides . Safe, reliable car owners For car owners Get a ride in someone's car, it's affordable & convenient. . Free signup . Free online payouts . Safe, reliable riders


While creating the final product, we encountered a challenge with the payment gateway, since in Nigeria no payment gateway was supported, we couldn’t launch the website or the app, and that was the main setback for the client.


We had to change the payment gateway to make sure, the issue with the payments doesn’t prove to be a blunder for the final product. Keeping their top goals in mind, we started to put together the structure for both the website and the app that would highlight both sorts of users while keeping the app welcoming to new visitors with a working payment gateway.

Design & Development Stage

Wire Frame

Each solution helps designers map and visualize their design plans at varying degrees of detail and functionality through the development phase.

UI and UX Design

Both UX and UI are critical components for the user to enjoy the product.

Development & Implementation

It is a favorable point that the developed system is simple and can be used relatively easily without having to know the system.

Final Launch

launch of a new product is not an event, but a process aimed at bringing the product to market in a way that creates momentum.


Post Trip

With this, the driver who is traveling in its vehicle, can post about his trip and invite a number of people for the ride, which can be seen by the traveler and they will be able to see the availability.


Once the traveler has seen the posted trip, that person is able to book the ride with the driver/ride poster, and its seat will be booked upon payment.

Social Media/Login

We have social media signup in-app using which users can just login easily in a few steps and book a ride or post-trip as a driver.

Payment gateway

We have a payment gateway included on the website and app. When a user wants to book a ride and take a seat then he has to pay via paystack.


Customers and drivers can chat once booking is completed and they can get to know each other's location as well.


You have all types of notifications in it, Plus you have email notifications as well. When you book trip or you post-ride.


We have used wallet in website and app both because it is very user friendly way to manage payments and user can easily transfer payment to his bank account

Technology Stack

Backend - Codeigniter

Android - Kotlin

Ios - Swift

Front end - Html/Css


In the end, we were able to create a joyful app for go my way ride that allows the users to step into the beautiful space for its users. By tastefully weaving together areas for rides and riders, they are now empowered to enhance the travel along with each other and while keeping the journey memorable.

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