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60 Days


4 Members


Learning platform




When Brandon contacted us for an App, we were very happy to assist him with this project. Eduhub is an app that is designed for students. It is an online learning platform for students, offering in-person courses to teenagers.


After carefully analyzing the space that EDUHUB was trying to enter, we were sure that there was already be a large number of competitors that dominated various areas of the Online-Learning-Platform Market. So, we had to analyze the market and segment the EDUHUB in such a way to make it stand out of the crowd of already established brands.


With a lot of advancements from Individual classes to group study sessions, we implemented all with ease and also focused on catering to what exactly client wanted and guided him through every step so that the whole project appears as a work of art and not some on the go app.

Design & Development Stage

Wire Frame

Each solution helps designers map and visualize their design plans at varying degrees of detail and functionality through the development phase.

UI and UX Design

Both UX and UI are critical components for the user to enjoy the product.

Development & Implementation

It is a favorable point that the developed system is simple and can be used relatively easily without having to know the system.

Final Launch

launch of a new product is not an event, but a process aimed at bringing the product to market in a way that creates momentum.



Admin can add worksheets and student can download them and complete them and send them back within specfic time period.


Admin can upload tutorials for students and they can watch them and share with their friends within the app and outside the app as well.

Multiple Subjects

Admin can add multiple subjects and can assign those subjects to the respective teachers and students.

Multiple Classes

Admin can add multiple classes. App is for 8 to 12 standard and they can register in app and can check tutorials, questions papers, tests

Social Login

We have integrated Facebook and google social login in-app and its very user friendly and provides an ease of use to the end user.

Technology Stack

Frontend - HTML,CSS

Backend - Laravel

App - Java

Database - Mysql


The app was designed keeping in mind the needs of not only the client but the end-user as well. This led to a refined process, and a over the board happy client and a good friend.

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