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Can social media marketing really help my/any business?

If you are a business owner then you might be aware of the recent changes impacting the eCommerce and non-eCommerce world today.

The change in digital marking is expanding rapidly but if you’re unsure about can social media marketing really helps your business then you have come to the right place.

Today, we’re about to discuss what is social media and what are its benefits for businesses.

So, let’s get started! 

Social Media Meaning

Social media has revolutionized marketing. It can assist you to expand your business and connect you with your customers. But what exactly is social media?

Basically, social media is an online communication that enables you to interact with your potential audience and provide data in real-time.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are some of the social media platforms where a business owner can market their services or products.

These platforms permit users to create their own page or profile, share information, offer services, promote their services/products, network with others, and finally generate sales.

8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

We all know that social media is playing a significant role in business so here are the reasons why social media marketing is beneficial for your business:

  1. Social media is cost-effective 
  2. Social media is a great way to provide client support
  3. Social media assist you in expanding your market reach
  4. Social media helps you in doing market research
  5. Social media enables you in developing your brand
  6. Social media reaches all ages and demographics
  7. Social media is everywhere- yes, everywhere!
  8. Social media can make a big difference in your email marketing strategy

Social media is cost-effective

Social media marketing is quite cheaper than the traditional form of marketing because the paid promotions cost is budget-friendly rather than setting banners, boards, or even putting newspapers advertisements in your local area.

You can take advantage of the low-cost online advertisement features provided by social media platforms in order to promote your content. 

By using social media advertisements, you will not only reduce your savings but can also connect with a larger area of customers.

Ultimately, you can increase your business revenue by creating a client network and advertising. 

Social media is a great way to provide client support

Currently, offering excellent client support is definitely the first concern for your small or big venture.

Yet, alongside the two-way communication that social media platforms offer, it also provides a novel chance to move forward with your client support game and give instant delight to your potential audience and active customers.

This will permit you to display exactly how much you care about giving a noteworthy service and will guarantee that no client request goes unrecognized.

Also, by checking online media for client feedback and offering a reaction, you can drive genuine business results. 

It is found by Bain and Company that businesses that interact with clients and administer their requests by social media procure 20-40 percent more revenue on every client.

Social media assist you in expanding your market reach

Indeed, social media helps you to expand and generate brand awareness.

But, do you know even more significant than brand awareness, it offers you the opportunity to connect the dots with the target audience. 

Through the traditional form of advertisement, your market area or target reach doesn’t expand, however with social media marketing you can grow your market even internationally.

Additionally, using social media platforms you create business fans, followers, and even connections who are entirely the people interested in your brand or have availed your services or used your products, or even who know you quite well. 

Social media helps you in doing market research

Using social media marketing for your business you can analyze your target audience, understand what people are expecting from your organization, and offer their desired services.

Further, you get to know the current and emerging trends prevailing in the market related to your business.

One of the best ways to do so is by monitoring and searching industry, brand, or product related hashtags or even you can search for related groups on social media platforms.

A plethora of online platforms provide comprehensive tools to perform market research. This in turn boosts your traffic and improves your sales.

Social media enables you in developing your brand

Since social media is really popular these days, it allows you to develop your brand with ease.

As per research, nearly 70% of adults use social media platforms which clearly means that by offering services on these networks you can touch nearly every client that walks through your profile.

With the extensive reach and dynamic functionality of these platforms, developing your brand online is perfectly easy.

Using such features, every big and small business can unleash new potential.

Social media reaches all ages and demographics

The age barrier goes against social media. Yes, that’s true! Using social media campaigns or promotions, you can offer your services to all age groups.

So, no matter how old or young your target audience is, chances are the majority of them will view your provided service or product. You can even set which age group you wish to showcase your campaign. 

Further, you can choose the city or area where you wish to display your paid campaign to the target audience. 

Social media is everywhere- yes, everywhere!

Perhaps, nearly 91.54 percent of the world’s population is using smartphones which means social media platforms are accessible by everyone.

With its wide usability, today’s businesses are providing mobile-friendly experiences, and its presence in our daily lives is vast for small businesses.

Currently, all social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer their free mobile apps to allow users to manage their presence on the go.

Much importantly, these apps give free access to users to connect with their favorite profiles or pages.

These users not only upload their images or videos but also search for businesses, pages, or even connect with the brands through social media platforms.

Having a social media presence on famous platforms where users can connect with you anytime at their fingertips definitely improve your brand identity and allow users to find you much easier. 

Social media can make a big difference in your email marketing strategy

Do you know social media has changed the way people and business owners used to think of email marketing?

Sharing your email newsletters content online across all social media platforms enables you to share content with a new audience and allow them to connect with your brand.

Using this simple tool, more audiences get to know you even without spending any money.

You can even further add more relevant content related to new updates, the latest product, upcoming offers, etc. to attract traffic and boost sales.

Closing Thoughts

The need and importance of social media marketing for business is no longer a hidden thing. We all know that smartphones and free network apps have made the shopping experience easier.

Its benefits are not only limited to these 8 points shared above. But rather an endless journey is also awaiting for businesses via social media marketing.

Since customers are extensively active on these platforms, small businesses can unleash greater horizons at work. Surely, more customers and higher revenue are not far away! 

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Do You Think SEO Is Important For Website Ranking?

For the success of website, it is important for everyone to understand what is SEO? What is the role played by SEO to rank up the website and other benefits of good SEO to the website.


SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It is important for a proprietor to optimize the website and understand the meaning and need of good SEO. SEO also helps to improve the ranking of the website in search engine by making the website’s URL friendly, faster in speed and easy to navigate. SEO is the guidelines for the making and ranking of a website. In other words, SEO is the process of getting free traffic or we can say organic traffic on the website.



This is the first step when we start working on SEO of the website. On-page SEO includes the following steps.

1. Business Analysis
2. Keyword Reseach
3. Meta Tags – title and description
4. Content Optimization
5. Header Tags
6. Image Optimization
7. Canonical Issue
8. Speed Optimization
9. Robots.txt file
10. Sitemap.xml, etc.
11. Google Webmaster


The second step in the process of SEO is known as off-page SEO. It includes many steps and helps to get the outbound links to our site which help to improve the number of traffic on the website.

1. Search Engine Submission
2. Web 2.0
3. Forum Posting
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Business Listing
6. Classified Ads
7. Image Sharing
8. Blog Posting
9. Infographic Submission, etc.

Above are the main steps which we have to follow sincerely because it help us to improve our website visibility and because of SEO our ranking get improved automatically. When our site starts to build links, it leads to improve Alexa rank, Traffic on a website and also help to increase the organic search.


In the era of Digitalization, SEO is getting more and more importance. Millions of users are looking for an answer to a simple question that is HOW TO RANK THEIR WEBSITE ON TOP ??
The solution is here guys, just follow the steps of SEO properly and complete the process for ranking high. If you want to meet your business objectives and want to grow your blog, website or online store than SEO will help you in doing so.

Generally, when we search anything on Google or any other search engines, we open first 4 or 5 links and get the matter or product we like. So, to get the traffic to your website or blog or business site, it is necessary to be in the 4 or 5 links which we get with the help of good SEO.

Keyword used in headings, tags, and descriptions must have high search volume and low competition. It helps to get our website ranked higher and also help to get more and more traffic to our website. Keyword stuffing is not a good option, it will bring your rank down as it is not allowed by Google.

Always keep in mind while writing the content that it must be relevant to the topic you choose to write on. Also, the keyword you use must match the content.

Try to link up your website with the social media. Always stay active to your social media connectivity because it helps to generate traffic from social media and more traffic means higher rank. Make accounts on social media like:-
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. Youtube
5. Google+
6. Linkedin

While doing SEO, remember to check the speed of the website. The website has a high speed is good and that gets easily rank on search engines.

If you have a big website, such as more than 8 to 9 pages then try to opt sitemap so that your all pages are indexed and crawled by the search engines and help the users to get the information provided by you.

In case, you have the same products like any other website then it is very important to have a good SEO because the search engines will optimize the website which has better SEO.

Usability of a website also is improved if you have a good SEO active on your website.

A website must be mobile friendly because the 80% users open the website on mobile phones.


At the end, we conclude that for ranking any website, blog or online store on the top, it is necessary to have a good SEO. SEO is the main process which helps to improve the usability of the website. It follows every corner of the website and brings out mistakes which make our website ranking down.