Inbound Marketing

A deep insight on the Inbound Marketing Machine

Inbound Marketing is the set of marketing strategies to attract and convert customers using relevant content. In contrast to conventional marketing, in Inbound Marketing, the company does not target customers. However, it explores channels like blogs, search engines, and social networks that can be found.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The idea of Inbound Marketing officially emerged in the United States. It began to gain popularity in 2009, following the book ” Inbound Marketing: Be Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs, “written by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

Since the time, Inbound Marketing has exploded to good effect.

Each day, more businesses of all sizes are using the technique to attract more customers increase sales, and increase their credibility in the eyes of their customers.

In a non-constrained translation, it is said that Inbound Marketing can be defined as attraction marketing.

The primary distinction between traditional marketing that we refer to as Outbound Marketing and Inbound is that in the latter case, the customer is seeking the business, not the reverse.

In other words, actions are carried out to attract the potential customer to your blog or website and, based on this attraction; a whole relationship work is done with that person.

This is accomplished through personalized and written content.

This content can be used to educate your people who read it about your business’s niche, transform your company into a resource on a specific subject relevant to your market and affect the buying decision of potential customers.

What exactly is Inbound Marketing?

The distinction between reality and virtual, the offline and the internet, is more blurred each year. There is no longer any need to say “going on the internet” because the internet is everywhere.

This is why every business can use Inbound Marketing concepts as a strategy.

It is possible to adapt them and use them in any company, using content for entertainment/utilities and brand reinforcement.

Despite the minor variation, Inbound Marketing has reached the same levels as traditional marketing hasn’t.

The most significant difference is that in Inbound Marketing, the company’s marketing section is an investment instead of a price centre.

The main reason behind the above assertion is that every Inbound marketing action can be tracked.

The ability to determine precisely how many people have seen, converted, or purchased from each campaign using online analytics software.

If you know this crucial knowledge, it’s possible to improve campaigns to yield a higher ROI (return on investment).

And it is for this exact reason the most innovative companies in the market have used Inbound Marketing aggressively as a Marketing strategy. In short, Inbound Marketing serves five significant actions:

  • Increase the visibility of your business;
  • Decrease your customers’ acquisition cost;
  • Attract potential customers;
  • Generate content that makes a difference;
  • Optimize the sales process.

Inbound Marketing: Why Your Business Can’t Be Left Out

Inbound Marketing is beneficial and brings results

The market is buying the idea of ​​applying the Inbound Marketing methodology, mainly because it is 62% cheaper than conventional Marketing – or Outbound Marketing -, which we were used to doing.

Not having an Attraction Marketing strategy for your company can be a determining factor for staying behind your competitors who are already applying the methodology.

The simple fact that people always look out for solutions to their problems on search engines, read more emails on different devices, and surf more time on social networks becomes prerogatives for your company not to be left out.

The Steps of Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing methodology follows a logical sequence of steps. Every successful strategy must go through the following phases: Attract, Convert, Relate, Sell and Analyze.

These are steps that intelligently complement each other. We will explain in detail about each of them below.

To attract

The formula for Inbound Marketing is straightforward. A website without visitors doesn’t generate leads. Without Leads, there are no sales. Thus, any motive to employ this method is in vain.

The primary goal of marketing is “attract” and, without a doubt, it can’t be more different.

The idea behind this approach is quite simple. Instead of wasting time looking for those interested in your market or business, you focus on creating something worthy of the attention of a legitimate audience and therefore attract numerous people who suddenly became curious about the subject.

The result of this is an audience that is much more engaged and likely to consume the product.

There are many ways to make this magic happen, and you need to know a little of each:

  • Blog
  • Sponsored Links
  • Social Networks

To convert

The conversion step fully complements the previous one: The visitor needs to become a Lead to proceed with the purchase process.

In this context, when we talk about conversion, we refer to the user’s action of passing their information in exchange for a reward or benefit, such as an offer of rich material, which we’ll talk about shortly.

Having a site with many visits and no conversions is not very beneficial in terms of Inbound Marketing.

Some several ways and elements that can help you turn your visitors into Leads. Some of them:

  • Creating offers
  • Landing Pages
  • CROP


As we know, not all potential customers are at the time of making a purchase.

When we are looking at the buyer’s journey, we are able to see that well-defined steps have been adhered to and the user is “ready” to be approached.

In short, only 3% of your potential market is looking for a solution; that is, it is in the Purchase Decision stage.

Bringing this approach to the day-to-day, within a Leads base, we can consider that the scenario is not very different.

From the production of content focused on various issues and purchase stages, we also attract Leads at multiple locations

This is where the relationship stage in Inbound Marketing comes in: through some strategies that we will present below, we identify the leads and move forward in the journey. That is, we accelerate the purchase process.


All Lead generation and nutrition work aim to produce demand and generate business opportunities for your company.

In some instances, the selling process happens within the website, while in others, communication between a salesperson and a prospective customer is necessary.

The more intricate the product (, the higher your price), The more sales processes need to be consultative and assist Leads’ nutrition in making the sale.

This paradigm shift, which the Lead is now undergoing a portion of the buying process before contacting sellers, comes with many implications that are changing the business world.


One of the significant advantages of Digital Marketing is assessing the results accurately and quantifying the value of your investment based on facts.

The analytical capabilities offered by Digital Marketing are responsible for providing feedback to the entire Inbound Marketing process.

You can track every activity that happens within your visitors’ interactions with your website, posts, and campaigns and make your work more efficient.

Additionally, the whole process has a scope of improvement by identifying a rate that is below expectations to guide marketing efforts. Marketing staff’s work.

Tools support this marketing analytics ability on the market.

For Agencies: How to Sell Inbound Marketing Service

In a context where the internet took over the purchasing processes, what about Digital Marketing services? Inbound Marketing fits this context like a glove for agencies and consultancies.

Imagine that it is possible to create a digital strategy where company X will lend a hand and walk step by step in the purchase journey with its customers, conducting each step, doubt, and conquest.

This is the context of Attraction Marketing facing so many marketing methodologies.

Why Sell Inbound Marketing Service

And for the agency, what are the benefits? We can mention two main ones.

Deliver measurable results

The first is the focus on sales results. Inbound Marketing facilitates return on investment.

In other words, if you prove how profitable your strategy was, what reasons would the client have for terminating the contract?

Revenue increase

The second is the opening of the market itself that working a Digital Marketing of results brings.

You become a provider of business opportunities to your customers, much more strategic than just a provider of communication.

But what exactly is your agency selling?

A machine of predictable and scalable growth. It sounds like a dream product, doesn’t it?

But what services do we create a growth machine with? With services related to a Digital Marketing sales funnel:


Inbound Marketing Future Projections

Inbound Marketing has already proven to be a methodology that works and delivers measurable results for those who apply it.

Even though it is very new, it is already a strategy present in several companies worldwide.

Therefore, it is never too late to invest in Inbound Marketing, as the future may bring even more possibilities.

As tools and algorithms advance, we will extract more and more information about our Leads. This can provide us with an increasingly convenient and customer-optimized sales process.

Furthermore, with the evolution of the increasingly mobile internet, we will have a personalized and frequent relationship with the customer.

More and more people use different online channels – on other devices – to communicate and search for information.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Management and Solution

It is important to build up a successful relationship between your business and customers. Different strategies are implemented by business owners to enhance their business visibility and profitability. Internet become one of the fundamental needs in web marketing. It offers a wide marketing opportunity to connect with the world. Online marketing (Internet Marketing) comprises a broad range of tactics and strategies to engage with customers and find new business opportunity. The marketing trend become more and more popular due to the significant use of internet. Online marketing simplify the various business aspects like tracking, store and analyze the customers data. Nature of the current market trends and spy on competitors with online marketing will surely proven a blessing for our business. Online marketing has many benefits including cost effective, flexibility, strong business relationship, effective statistical result and of course business visibility.

Now there are two things online marketing contributes to our business i.e management and solution. It is vital to manage business in such a way so that your business remain in demand constantly. Further, a comprehensive solution to business’s milestone is also important. Business management enable you to track your business and customers in order to organize a blueprint.

Online marketing benefits business in terms of management as:

  • Spy on competitors
  • Help to organize customer data
  • Help in decision making process
  • Better control to business

Better online marketing means better business management and hence better control to your business. So managing business with productive online marketing is important.

Now the another side of online marketing is business solution. This is the essential side of online marketing for business success. Business management online strongly associated with business solution. Effective business management online resulting in effective business solution. Further, online marketing provide a better scope to your business in international market.

Following are the benefits of business solution through online marketing as:

  • Drive quality traffic to business.
  • Business exposure
  • Stay ahead in competition
  • Grow customer constantly

Online marketing include a wide range of powerful tools and methods to promote business throughout the world. Know your targeted audience and design, develop and connect through an effective online marketing strategies. Online or internet marketing enable you to enhance your business by various social media platform. Reduce the barrier of distance from your customers and build a strong relationship to retain your business one step ahead in this competitive age.

Online Marketing SEO

10 Effective Techniques That will Help You To Gain Quality Backlinks

SEO is an advanced way to make any website error free & user friendly. In the past few years, there were a small group of people who knew about search engine optimization. But, now time has changed & everyone first plans the SEO techniques & then design website accordingly. It has been proved in the past many researches that SEO is the only method through which business owners can easily gain the profit in their business. Search engine optimization provides the benefits that no other techniques can do such as gain quality traffic, get visibility, boost brand awareness and productivity.

Now everyone is fully aware about SEO and it’s benefits. But, what are the main reasons that most of the websites are not getting good rank on Google and does not succeed in their business as their competitors are. There may be a lack of business plan for SEO, knowledge of SEO, implementation of SEO or any other related things.

SEO doesn’t mean you just need to focus once on your website & if you think like that,you have not understood SEO properly. In a fine language, it is a steady process to optimize and gain more & more traffic on the website.

Basically, the most important elements needed in SEO are traffic and search engine ranking. These both are interlinked with each other & complement each other together. You cannot get more traffic without impressing search engines and even not rank on Google without getting quality traffic on website. So, what is the first question that comes in your mind?…Is that how you can impress the search engine or get traffic on website? If yes, then start to focus on the user’s requirements and your backlink strategies.

To gain the quality backlinks, you just need to focus on the following SEO techniques:

1. Analyze Website

To start any backlink gaining process, it is very important to look once on the website content and usability. It is the top most reason to fail in getting the backlinks because no one is interested in providing backlink such website which is not relevant to users.

2. Social Media Sharing

Social media platform is the most important place to engage with targeted audiences and attract others who may provide the backlinks to your website. You can also, get direct backlinks from social media sites by adding website on your business profile and sharing the website’s blog posts, video, images, etc.

3. Video Sharing

As video is more appealing than any other promotional stuff. People get attracted more towards video than any other media. You can gain backlinks using video submission on different video sharing/submission websites.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an important process to get the quality backlinks from different websites. There are many websites which accept guest blogging so you can search those websites and contribute in their guest blogging. By adding your website link on your guest post, the reader may also visit your website.

6. Give Testimonials

Testimonial, you all are very well aware about that, but do you know that you can gain backlinks through testimonials. You can provide the testimonial to your service provider & also you can ask them to add your website link on their website.

8. Ask for Backlinks

If you are in the initial stage of your business, so this one is the very important and powerful technique to gain the backlinks. Just make an appealing email and send it to your friends, relatives, clients that have their own blog or website. The point that you should keep in mind is that the website must be related to your niche and having good domain authority.

9. List Site on High Domain Authority Directories

There are many directories in which you can submit your website and gain the quality backlinks. But with that, there are also some websites which have no real values and may harm your website as well. So, gaining traffic from directory submission is good, but only from trusted websites.

10. Broken Link Exchange

It is time consuming, but a great way to get backlinks from other website. You just need to find the website that consists broken links and contact them about that. Also, suggest them to replace that dead link with your link.

Online Marketing

7 Steps to Create an Effective Facebook Campaign

Social media is a technology that enable every individual, companies and other legal organization to share, predict and create useful information over the network globally. This is a web based technology that allow to interact every one online.
Facebook is one of the well linked online platform that perform user’s interaction and advertising program. Facebook used web based and mobile technologies to connect a user with other. Further, it provide a best opportunity for business to explore in the whole world. You can setup an effective Facebook campaign with multiple or single ad.

How to set up an effective Facebook campaign?

It is not much complex to setup a Facebook campaign. If you are ready to setup, just follow the below given simple steps.Log in to your Facebook account and start creating your Facebook Campaign.

1) Choose the objective of your Ad:

The very first step is to choose the objective for what you are going to create Facebook Campaign. Choosing your right objective will help to reach your goal. Some example of objectives are like promote your post, increase engagement in app, traffic to website etc. Select one of the objective and move to the further step.

2) Select Audience:

On the top left hand side menu in the Facebook page , click on business manager. Now you will find the audience in the drop down menu. Choose the audience you want to target or choose custom audience. There are many ways you can narrow your targeted audience which include Geographic location, language , interest, behavior etc. Fill up all the necessarily fields and click continue.

3) Add budget and payment method:

Now choose budged you want to spend on your Facebook ad. You can choose from daily budget or lifetime budget. Daily budget for if you want to spent money on a daily basis for Facebook ad. Lifetime budget for users who want to spent budget for the lifetime of the ad.

4) Ad Design:

Now its time to design your Facebook Ad in attractive manner.
Your Facebook Ad should have-
* At least five images
* Good Headline
* Text describing your Ad
* A “call to action” button
* And link description

These things will make your Ad more attractive and eye caching.

5) Ad Placement:

Facebook provide different types of placement option for Ad which include Desktop News feed, mobile news feed, audience network and Instagram network. Well, do not be so tricky by selecting all placement option. Its right to think that by selecting multiple placement options offer your Ad more visibility. But you are wrong dear. Multiple placement selection is successful in some instances. There is different cost associated with different placement. So be sure before selecting the one.

6) Review your Ad:

Do not ignore this step. Review your Ad in detail and check whether it is placed in the right format you want to it be. Millions of people will see your Ad. So it is vital that your Facebook Ad look graceful.

Now its time to place your order by simply clicking on continue button. And that’s it.

7) Monitor your Ads:

Once you successfully create your Ads, its time to monitor it in Ad Manager.
During a day, months or years, you should consistently check the performance of your Ad. This Facebook Analytic is completely free of cost. Visit Ads Manager and check the key metrics progress including CPC(Cost Per Click), Frequency, impression, CTR etc.

An Effective Facebook campaign help a lot to expand your business worldwide and to earn money. The result can be incredible if used effectively.

Online Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: What Are The Benefits For Seller & Affiliates?

1990’s was the era of internet web and big vast sea of information at every person’s disposal. As the new technologies dominated the globe, websites became a new craze among most marketers. This new craze saw the emergence of search engines and almost all marketers were making their websites lucrative with the help of effective content. With all these new developments on the horizon, traditional methods like CPN saw a good and effective competitor “Affiliate Marketing”.

What Is AFFILIATE Marketing

It is a type of marketing that is performance based where a business house rewards its affiliates for every customer visitor brought by the efforts of the affiliate. Affiliate Marketing basically is about relationships between the following three parties:

1. Advertiser
2. Publisher
3. Consumer

Advertiser is a company marketing products, services but most important things is that they should be able to pay for the services rendered by other people in promoting the brands of the company.

A publisher can be a person or a company that promotes advertiser’s products or services and gets rewards with a commission. Consumer is the final component but most important on that completes this triangle of affiliated marketing.

Consumer sees the ads and most important is the action that follows.
We can say that affiliate marketing is the one most economical and quick method but certainly not the easy one. In this triangle an affiliate is simply a link between buyer and seller where affiliate gets rewarded for the tasks done.

How It Works?

  • Person or company joins affiliate programs and choose the products, services they will sell.
  • Seller provides them with a unique code that is used to drive the traffic to the seller’s products. Almost all sellers provide text link banners and creative material.
  • Affiliate copy the code provided by the seller or his website.
  • Interested customers click these links and gets redirected to the seller’s products page.

On every purchase the affiliate gets rewarded in form of commission. Seller can always track the affiliate performance with the help of unique ID provided to the affiliate. Different sellers can use various terms like:

1. Pay Per Click
2. Pay Per Sale
3. Pay Per Lead

In Pay per Sale, seller pays a percentage of sale price when customer makes a purchase.

In Pay per click, seller pays on the number of customers/visitors that affiliate directs to the seller website irrespective of purchase is made or not.

In Pay per Lead, affiliate gets rewards when customer fill a contact form by providing information.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates

  • Low investment is needed in terms of a website which will direct the traffic to seller’s product.
  • Affiliate person or company makes money any time, any hour, any day. There are no physical stores and no just need to manage the website.
  • There are no boundaries of areas or country. One can target entire world.
  • Little risk is involved as an affiliate can quit the company affiliate program if he is not satisfied with the rewards.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Sellers

  • Seller needs to reward only for the sales that has been successful.
  • Affiliate program is economical as there are only operational costs which are low.
  • Seller is always in full control as the entire program is designed as per the needs of sellers.
  • Most search engines give higher rating to inbound links. Company with good affiliates always has a chance to get high ranks.
Online Marketing SEO

Top 10 On-Page SEO Strategies For Your Website

On page SEO strategies is optimising individual webpages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. On page SEO refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimised, as opposed to off page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.

Thus, On page SEO has changed a lot over the years, so it is important to be updated with the latest On page strategies.
Off page SEO even plays an important role as it refers to the techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in any search engine for example Google, Yahoo, Bing. Off page SEO mainly refers to the ranking for your website’s web pages.

Some important On Page SEO strategies are mentioned below:-

Meta Tags –

A unique meta title & description for each web page is compulsory. For relevant meta tag, use targeted keywords so that search engines can pick up on it and to introduce users about the page. You must write a meta description in a user friendly way that is related to the page.

Post Permalink Structure –

An important On page metric is to make sure your URL is displayed correctly. To make URL search engine friendly, you can place your targeted keywords in the URL and do not use any special characters like commas, brackets, symbols, underscores, etc.

Heading Tags –

Heading tags are usually used to highlight several headings, sub-headings and other important points. In WordPress, the standard title tag is H1. More than one H1 tag is not necessary and for the segments of content, use H2 and H3 tags, but not too many. Google frowns on the excessive use of many H2 or H3 tags.

Keyword Density –

Aim to have the density of keywords in content. It should be around 1.5 percent using a variety of LSI keywords. It is a good strategy to write your main keyword once in the first paragraph as well as in the last paragraph.

Images –

Placing keywords in the “Alt text” and “image title” helps in making your content article more targeted and focused. Large images slow down your site speed and slow images never rank well on the search engines. So you need to add Alt txt with images and optimise the images for better SEO performance.

Internal Linking –

Always be sure to link your webpage with other webpages. Internal linking leads to visitors spending more time on your website, which will automatically distribute your page ranking to other site pages.

Write Quality Content –

Quality content is the major part of the optimisation process as more the quality content on the website the possibility of ranking higher is easier. So always optimise your website’s content and avoid duplicate content.

External Linking –

Linking to other external sites that are in the same niche of yours or of a similar topic is a vital part of the process of optimization. Remember to link to only trusted websites. Get here 10 very important quality link building ideas.

Robots.txt File –

Adding robots.txt file is the best practice, if you wish to instruct to web robots about the webpages which you needs to crawl or not.

Sitemap –

A sitemap is a road map for users as well as crawler as HTML sitemap uses for visitors and XML for crawlers. This will help crawler to crawl your all important pages on website and indexed & ranked pages on search engines.

Site Speed –

To make any website fruitful, the site speed plays a very important role. A quick loading speed of website helps to stay visitors on website and motivate them to visit website again.

Online Marketing SEO


The digital marketing industry is a dynamic industry and it never slows down as interactive marketing. The marketing strategies and acquiring new customers tactics are growing day by day. The growth of the social web has led to increase of new interactive channels to target the right audience.

The basis of marketing never change though, basically they remain like creating something unique, eye catchy for the audience. But, the thing that changes is that the marketer has to regularly acquire new skills to understand the preferences and consumption patterns of the target audience that keep on changing with time.

For example—52% of the marketers in India and around the world still consider video as the type of the content that gives the best return on investment to the company. The Cisco predicts that by 2020 video will attract the attention of a majority of customers and around 43% of people like to watch videos that too something creative from the marketer.

In the last year 2016, a good growth and revenue was the priority & converting leads to customers and increasing website traffic remained the main concern of most business houses. The interesting reality of digital marketing is that it moves with speed of rocket so as the technologies grow the whole world converted into digitalization.

So the year 2016 was the year developments in the fields of social media, mobile marketing and user experience. Now, the question arises quickly what will be the trend in 2017. Let’s have a look at the trends in this year.

1. In-Store Marketing

This may not seem like a branch of digital marketing, but in this year distance between the physical and online sales will narrow down even more.

Nowadays, 80% people use their smartphone to purchase the products. The stores like Amazon, Snapdeal and many more are the highest growing eCommerce sites. This year will see more and more people buying products from such online stores. The number of people willing to receive mobile alerts will also increase. So the business houses and companies will have to make a right mobile strategy to capture customers in store through digital techniques.

2. Eye Catchy Videos

With the advancement of digital technology, the eye catchy videos accounted for 50% of the mobile traffic, which means more videos will be shared in the coming months. The company will give more attention to the content and creativity in video creation particular in this social media.

The marketers are using so many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and periscope by posting live videos to communicate with their customers. These days people having interest in videos.

3. Social Media Marketing

There is still a huge interest in social media because of its reach and advanced options to attract audiences. The recent research shows that continued growth in social media usage overall, but with the reduced popularity of some social networks in some countries. As social media consumption are getting more and more and the big players are monopolizing the market, there can be a lot of significant changes in social media in the upcoming years.

For example, Twitter and Facebook are declining in many western markets while Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are still growing in usage. Now the business needs to ‘pay to play’ strategy to get the reach needed to have an impact. They have to make continuous efforts in their targeting and re- marketing options.

4. Wearable Mobile Devices

Wearables are one of the trendiest products like Apple Watch, activity tracker, etc. The research shows that there are 7.22 billion mobile devices are active in the world that shows there is more technology in the world than people. So it is easy to understand why business houses do a lot of smartphone marketing.

In 2015, the wearable market is about $2 billion and now in the current year 2017, it is expected to reach $4 billion or above.

5. Interactive Content

In the current digital marketing scenario engaging the audience is everything, and marketers succeed when their audience not only use that content but also like it and acts upon it or share it.
As the digital technology getting changed with the pace of time, the brands and the businesses engaging consumers are seemingly endless, and it also shows that is more valuable in 2017.

Now the time has come to pay attention to the these advanced digital marketing trends that are beginning to emerge.

Online Marketing


Though all the social media channels which is utilised by every business to target their audiences and also wish to have direct communication with their customers, Facebook marketing is the best alternative today.

That’s why large or small business should consider advertising on Facebook as it offers a good opportunity for business to make good sales online, improve brand image, create a good platform where business can have good interaction with their customers, make customers aware of their products and services, convince them so that a loyal customer speaks about the qualities of the company and its product with family, friend and his group.

Experienced Facebook advertiser has aptly remarked that “large part of company customers are on Facebook. So all companies should have a Facebook page so that they can have a healthy interaction with their customers”.

So if a business wants to target a younger generation, then they should definitely consider Facebook as part of their marketing and communication. The latest growing trend is that people who are 50 plus also using Facebook so businesses are targeting them also.

Following are some good reasons why Facebook is good for business marketing

  1. To Manage Company’s Reputation

Many times dissatisfied and jealous customers can criticise a company’s brand through their own personal profile. To counter this negative propaganda, company can use Facebook to explain his stand by putting its arguments, to address customer concerns, to ask the customer to share their positive views. Especially the loyal customers who love company’s products that would come up with positive comments.

A good example can be given about company Taco Bells and Nestle’s brand Maggi, media restored to negative publicity and also their competitions started expressing negative views about the brands of both companies. These companies used Facebook effectively by putting positive arguments about their products and the quality criteria. After continuous interaction with the customers on Facebook, loyal customers came up with the companies praising their products and these positive reviews slowly improved the company’s image.

  1. To Build Good Relation

Facebook can be effectively used by business houses to target their audience. There are many company people who give more preference to Facebook than LinkedIn as they can operate a profile on Facebook in a personal capacity and build good link with the customers as Facebook has 5 million users and the majority of people today have their profile on Facebook.

So Facebook can be used company officials by creating personal profiles and also company page can be created to have a healthy interaction with customers. This strategy actually works in all conditions like branding existing products, launching of new product, changes in exiting product or coming up with positive arguments in favour of companies to improve and maintain good relation with their clients.

  1. Low Cost Strategy

Facebook marketing is much more economical as compared to other social media channels. The cost of Facebook marketing is very low and this makes it too popular among all platforms and small businesses who don’t have a big budget for marketing. Even big businesses before going for bigger marketing campaigns go for trail marketing concepts with the help of Facebook.

  1. Basic Information Can Be Shared

The majority of business houses use their Facebook profile to do publicity of brands’ products and services. All top most companies also interact with their customers on Facebook to give various types of information like appointment of new manager, launch of new company office, launch of new product, some social event company is organising to their client. The main purpose of the company is to attract the attention of their customers and create interest in them about what company is doing.

  1. Customer Support Can Be Provided

Many companies who have profile on Facebook encourage their customers to share their experiences about their products, services or after sales service question on their company’s profile. The company’s official and officer incharge answers and clears all the queries of the customers. This is much better than old traditional methods of customer writing letter to the company or using telephone, here the interactions are much faster and effective also.

  1. To Increase Brand Awareness Among Customers

Facebook is a popular social site that used by businesses to encourage existing and potential customers to like their page on Facebook and share new updates about products, services among users. This increases the brand awareness of a company’s brand. Customers also encouraged to post positive message or any other question they want to ask and they can also share it on their wall. These positive messages of the customers increase and popularise the company’s brand.

Following are the reasons why Facebook is bad for business marketing

When we talk about social media sites the very first name come to our mind is Facebook. With the 5 million active users Facebook is considered to be the ultimate platform to promote company’s products and services. But nowadays, it is very difficult especially for small businesses to promote their products and services due to huge competition.

It is very difficult to find out the right audience on the platform and if the company targets the right audience another problem is that how to manage them and getting them involved is also a very big issue for the small businesses.

If the company is getting successful to attract the audiences toward their ad and campaign on Facebook, but the major problem is that they don’t know at the end this effort is profitable or not for them.

  1. It Is A Costly Affair

It is so easy for the business to setup the Facebook page to promote their products and services, but this is not the only thing business have to do. They have to put a lot of efforts to promote their products on Facebook platform.

They have to promote the page on a regular basis and update their customers with some latest happening of business. For that they have to make a lot of ads and build campaigns for promotion of their brand and it requires a lot of money and without even knowing the possible outcome of that effort whether it is worthful or not.

  1. It Requires Rich Content

Nowadays, one can’t rely only on photos and status update on Facebook. One has to do a lot of other things like making colorful and catchy videos to attract the customer on a particular platform. It is not a big issue for large business, but when we talk about small business they don’t have a high budget to make the rich videos to attract the customer.

  1. Frequent Changes

The major problem with Facebook is that it is changing its interface and app very frequently based on the valuable suggestions and feedback of customers. All the company and business houses have to update their page and content according to the latest changes. It is not so easy task for every business house.

Facebook is very prominent tool for the big businesses which promote their products and services at a grand level display and get thousands of likes on them.

But when we talk about small businesses, it is so difficult to change the page and content so frequently they don’t have too much budget to do so. As the social media platform is very much important for the business. So for that small businesses get diverted to other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their particular brand.

No doubt everything in this world is two faced, one is sunny and the other is dark so is Facebook. Facebook may have its shortcoming, but the biggest benefits of having a Facebook profile is that business can share links, videos, update status, and other information on their profile so that customer can see it.

As the number of active Facebook users increasing, many companies use it to give information about its products, services and other useful information. With the help of Facebook, business increases their brand awareness and popularity. So a branded Facebook profile page is a must for every business house.