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Some Important Points That You Must Know About PHP

PHP is one of the most popular scripting language on the web used to further improve the quality of webpages. With the help of PHP, one can do various things like creating usernames, password logins, pages, create forums, picture galleries and surveys and many more creative things.

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. Many people question that its name should be HPP, but in reality PHP initially came from the earliest version of program which was named as “personal homepage”.

PHP is popularly known as a server language designed basically for web development, but can also be used for general purpose programming. It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

PHP can be embedded within HTML code to perform certain functions, for example PHP can be added to html in order to perform calculations. It also allows user to perform functions on a website such as posting on a forum or adding information.

PHP is also capable of editing simple graphics and also new graphics can be created when used in conjunction with G.D library. PHP technology is used to create captchas on a site that seeks to verify that a human is accessing information as opposed to an automated system.

PHP is quite similar to Java, but Java is run on the client side, PHP is always run and stored on the server. This keeps data and information more secure so that the other people or client cannot view code.


For the most dynamic and interactive computer language, the first impression that comes to mind is PHP. It is gaining popularity day by day as most web developers feel that it is too convenient to create unique and intuitive websites. PHP is an adaptable server side scripting language and free of cost.

  1. PHP is easy to learn and understand which makes it one of the most popular languages. Any person coming from any background can also learn and understand it.

  2. Programmers can influence the website as per the needs of clients. Most of the content management systems like Joomla, Drupal are prepared using PHP only.

  3. It is most economical and cost effective as the customized version can be downloaded free of charge from the internet. Anyone can always download the latest version of PHP that too free of cost.

  4. PHP is a flexible language and also very simple to widen this language as per the requirement of client. PHP is not an OS specific language, it can run on Linux, Windows, UNIX.

  5. Most of the industries like bank, hospitals, govt., and big corporation use it which makes it a popular language.


    PHP is one of the most popular and professional web development server side scripting language today. Its popularity can be assessed by the fact that 800 million websites are based on it. Though it is not the only web development language too like .NET, Python, Java, but still it is more preferred due to its various advantages.

    1. It is a fully open source language means does not cost any money to use it. Anyone can download the latest version from internet that is cost efficient.

    2. The worldwide community of developers maintain and update it regularly means it is easy to use.

    3. Implementation of PHP is easy as it is a logical language based on code. It can be used to create all types of websites like Facebook and Wikipedia.

    4. Its compatibility with all major operating systems being used these days like Windows, UNIX, Linux. It is so popular as a developer does not have to use separate codes for different platforms.

    5. All the dominant web servers and databases like Netscape, Apache, MySQL, etc. support PHP.

    6.  PHP is a very secure language as it has a multilayered coding and it is a server based language so any person can see the codes.

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There’s such a thing as “too much information”, especially for the companies scaling out their sales operations. That’s why Attentive was born in 2015 help sales teams make their increasing pipelines simpler to manage. Indeed, the small.

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Do You Think SEO Is Important For Website Ranking?

For the success of website, it is important for everyone to understand what is SEO? What is the role played by SEO to rank up the website and other benefits of good SEO to the website.


SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It is important for a proprietor to optimize the website and understand the meaning and need of good SEO. SEO also helps to improve the ranking of the website in search engine by making the website’s URL friendly, faster in speed and easy to navigate. SEO is the guidelines for the making and ranking of a website. In other words, SEO is the process of getting free traffic or we can say organic traffic on the website.



This is the first step when we start working on SEO of the website. On-page SEO includes the following steps.

1. Business Analysis
2. Keyword Reseach
3. Meta Tags – title and description
4. Content Optimization
5. Header Tags
6. Image Optimization
7. Canonical Issue
8. Speed Optimization
9. Robots.txt file
10. Sitemap.xml, etc.
11. Google Webmaster


The second step in the process of SEO is known as off-page SEO. It includes many steps and helps to get the outbound links to our site which help to improve the number of traffic on the website.

1. Search Engine Submission
2. Web 2.0
3. Forum Posting
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Business Listing
6. Classified Ads
7. Image Sharing
8. Blog Posting
9. Infographic Submission, etc.

Above are the main steps which we have to follow sincerely because it help us to improve our website visibility and because of SEO our ranking get improved automatically. When our site starts to build links, it leads to improve Alexa rank, Traffic on a website and also help to increase the organic search.


In the era of Digitalization, SEO is getting more and more importance. Millions of users are looking for an answer to a simple question that is HOW TO RANK THEIR WEBSITE ON TOP ??
The solution is here guys, just follow the steps of SEO properly and complete the process for ranking high. If you want to meet your business objectives and want to grow your blog, website or online store than SEO will help you in doing so.

Generally, when we search anything on Google or any other search engines, we open first 4 or 5 links and get the matter or product we like. So, to get the traffic to your website or blog or business site, it is necessary to be in the 4 or 5 links which we get with the help of good SEO.

Keyword used in headings, tags, and descriptions must have high search volume and low competition. It helps to get our website ranked higher and also help to get more and more traffic to our website. Keyword stuffing is not a good option, it will bring your rank down as it is not allowed by Google.

Always keep in mind while writing the content that it must be relevant to the topic you choose to write on. Also, the keyword you use must match the content.

Try to link up your website with the social media. Always stay active to your social media connectivity because it helps to generate traffic from social media and more traffic means higher rank. Make accounts on social media like:-
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. Youtube
5. Google+
6. Linkedin

While doing SEO, remember to check the speed of the website. The website has a high speed is good and that gets easily rank on search engines.

If you have a big website, such as more than 8 to 9 pages then try to opt sitemap so that your all pages are indexed and crawled by the search engines and help the users to get the information provided by you.

In case, you have the same products like any other website then it is very important to have a good SEO because the search engines will optimize the website which has better SEO.

Usability of a website also is improved if you have a good SEO active on your website.

A website must be mobile friendly because the 80% users open the website on mobile phones.


At the end, we conclude that for ranking any website, blog or online store on the top, it is necessary to have a good SEO. SEO is the main process which helps to improve the usability of the website. It follows every corner of the website and brings out mistakes which make our website ranking down.