View is an android mobile application which users across the globe can use to create music videos and showcase their talent. The application allows the users to broadcast themselves and publish their videos for other members to see. The users can even earn through the live broadcast, be collecting diamonds as gifts from other users. The diamonds collected can be redeemed as actual money that goes into the users bank accounts.


  • The team at View wanted to make their application seamless, easy-to-use, secure and different from other competitors in the market. They wanted a live broadcast feature, which gives the users a platform they can showcase their talent, a task not every development team is cut out for. In order to make the different standout, they wanted to partner with a team that can also integrate add-ons like a chat box, where users can interact with each other.
  • Another challenge was setting up an integration, which allowed their users to redeem the diamonds collected and earn rewards.


Even though the application brought with itself a plethora of challenges, our team at Snowflakes quickly analysed the requirements to set up the perfect solution. The final product (which you can download on your android devices) not only has the above-mentioned functionalities but also gives the team at View an admin portal, they can use to support their users. All the videos can be broadcasted to the app, and users can interact with each other for better engagement and earn rewards!