Upniche is a leading digital services provider, specializing in digital marketing & SEO services. They have been in this space since 2011 and have helped a plethora of small businesses achieve their goals with their services. A unique proposition that Upniche offered was assigning a dedicated relationship manager automatically, based on what the customers purchase.


As soon as the user completes a purchase, the system would generate a ticket thread that the users and staff members can use to share files and queries to each other. One important integration that the team wanted to achieve, was to integrate their current ticketing system with WooCommerce to get a holistic view of the customer journey. This included the integration of all the Woo commerce products, details, cart, notification count, ticket responses, new deals etc all under one holistic dashboard.


The one important thing that our team at Snowflakes had in mind while working on this project was the goal of our client. Having a holistic dashboard, with all the information one could possibly ask for, is a great way to save time and conduct analysis into what is working and what is not. Our team Snowflakes was able to do just that and more! We offered our client with a one click dashboard that combined all this data together by integrating the different modules in a user friendly view.