Supredo is a leader is a leading service provider for reseller hosting. It provides services like domain registration, domain hosting and website builder; with building and support services all under the same roof. They also offer live chat support to their customers, where they can raise tickets for faster case resolution.


  • The Supredo team wanted us to set up a payment gateway from where they can link their hosting packages for all their services and offer a secure billing experience. Any platform that sets up a payment gateway, wants to ensure that it is as secure as possible, so that the sensitive data their customers are feeding into the system stays secure.
  • Their team was looking for a development partner who not only offered this functionality, but could also integrate this billing system with their all in one client management tool.


Our experts at Snowflakes, followed the best industry & security practices for this project. Give the fact, we were dealing with sensitive information, that has some limitations, our team was able to deliver the ideal result for their business. Now, any customer that comes at Supredo can have a purchase the package of their choice, have a seamless and secure payment experience. Also, the team could now access all the billing information inside their CRM, without having to move back & forth between different tools.