• Category :Mobile App
  • Date :25 June, 2018

Project Brief:

This project concerns part of the activities related to socio-assistance hotel structures (houses) that host people who find themselves in temporary social criticality. Overall, there are nine houses in which all guests are hosted and in which all daily activities and individual pharmacological treatment plans for everyone are managed. Project is therefore designed to meet the need for efficiency and centralization of information flows related to the main activities managed within the 9 houses.

The whole software tool that it is intend to be created will consist of a web-based application that will be used by both individual operators and a director of the nine houses.

Step 01

QR code

To integrate the QR code module with the current system and linked to backend.

Step 02

Chat between different groups

To integerate Chat between different groups and maintained message counts for every groups separately

Step 03

Notification Badge

Integrating Notification Badge count on App icon with new scenario.

End Results:

Snowflakes has provided the client with an exceptional solution to caterĀ all the key points of the Mobile App. We provided the every details or happening in the mobile on the customer dashboard by integrating notification and Rest api linked to Mobile App.