Project Brief:

Menshenherzen is a web application created for end users. In which user can post their real-life stories and other registered users can judge the stories are either real or fake. They can give likes and scores for each story (1-100%). By paying Euros, the users can buy Golden Hearts and donate that to another user whom story they liked. Each user can use their earned Golden Hearts to buy email support. There is a pot on the website so whenever any user adds a story, 20 Euro automatically added into that pot. Every month the best story nominated on the basis of the gained trust scores, likes, views and golden hearts. The top story user(winner) will get all the amount from the pot and the amount transferred by the admin.

Gather all information

We have taken the reference from the client’s project ideas. Our web application experts implemented those ideas and built the end product as Menshenherzen. We created web application work and functionality flow according to the clients requirements and project ideas.


The most challenging part of the story was to show the comments, likes, titles, hearts and golden hearts on the application home page in a random floating form. Another difficult part was to arrange all the things in the frame as users zoom in and zoom out where all the story titles, comments, likes and hearts will be displayed.


We developed the web application by keeping all the requirements and ideas of the client and achieved the end result successfully as a Menshenherzen web application.