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7 Steps to Create an Effective Facebook Campaign

Social media is a technology that enable every individual, companies and other legal organization to share, predict and create useful information over the network globally. This is a web based technology that allow to interact every one online.
Facebook is one of the well linked online platform that perform user’s interaction and advertising program. Facebook used web based and mobile technologies to connect a user with other. Further, it provide a best opportunity for business to explore in the whole world. You can setup an effective Facebook campaign with multiple or single ad.

How to set up an effective Facebook campaign?

It is not much complex to setup a Facebook campaign. If you are ready to setup, just follow the below given simple steps.Log in to your Facebook account and start creating your Facebook Campaign.

1) Choose the objective of your Ad:

The very first step is to choose the objective for what you are going to create Facebook Campaign. Choosing your right objective will help to reach your goal. Some example of objectives are like promote your post, increase engagement in app, traffic to website etc. Select one of the objective and move to the further step.

2) Select Audience:

On the top left hand side menu in the Facebook page , click on business manager. Now you will find the audience in the drop down menu. Choose the audience you want to target or choose custom audience. There are many ways you can narrow your targeted audience which include Geographic location, language , interest, behavior etc. Fill up all the necessarily fields and click continue.

3) Add budget and payment method:

Now choose budged you want to spend on your Facebook ad. You can choose from daily budget or lifetime budget. Daily budget for if you want to spent money on a daily basis for Facebook ad. Lifetime budget for users who want to spent budget for the lifetime of the ad.

4) Ad Design:

Now its time to design your Facebook Ad in attractive manner.
Your Facebook Ad should have-
* At least five images
* Good Headline
* Text describing your Ad
* A “call to action” button
* And link description

These things will make your Ad more attractive and eye caching.

5) Ad Placement:

Facebook provide different types of placement option for Ad which include Desktop News feed, mobile news feed, audience network and Instagram network. Well, do not be so tricky by selecting all placement option. Its right to think that by selecting multiple placement options offer your Ad more visibility. But you are wrong dear. Multiple placement selection is successful in some instances. There is different cost associated with different placement. So be sure before selecting the one.

6) Review your Ad:

Do not ignore this step. Review your Ad in detail and check whether it is placed in the right format you want to it be. Millions of people will see your Ad. So it is vital that your Facebook Ad look graceful.

Now its time to place your order by simply clicking on continue button. And that’s it.

7) Monitor your Ads:

Once you successfully create your Ads, its time to monitor it in Ad Manager.
During a day, months or years, you should consistently check the performance of your Ad. This Facebook Analytic is completely free of cost. Visit Ads Manager and check the key metrics progress including CPC(Cost Per Click), Frequency, impression, CTR etc.

An Effective Facebook campaign help a lot to expand your business worldwide and to earn money. The result can be incredible if used effectively.

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