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7 Steps to a Successful Social Media Video Marketing

Era from 2013 to 2018 witnessed a 32% yearly increase in the number of time individuals spent watching online videos starting the trend of video marketing.

The number is still increasing day by day.

Keeping this point in mind, advertisers need to observe this if they want to plan on fostering their video marketing strategies on social media.

Along with this, these marketers need to be familiar with the 7 steps to successful social media video marketing.

Fortunately for us, there are some prominent steps that can be used while creating social media video marketing plan.

These steps are not restricted to a particular platform rather they can be used for every social media platform available online.

With the wider use of videos, the competition in each industry has been increased dramatically.

Hence you must be aware of the valuable steps or tips necessary for making video marketing achievable.

Follow are vital steps for making an effective social media video marketing technique.

  • Put forth objectives for video marketing
  • Choose your platform(s)
  • Select your video types
  • Plan content creation
  • Plan for post-marketing
  • Schedule and promote
  • Comprehend and analyze data

Put forth objectives for video marketing

Toward the start of any new social media video marketing, there’s a need to put forth objectives.

What do you want to achieve with your video marketing? In which category of the marketing funnel, will your videos fall?

What is the main motive of launching these videos? What will be your target audience?

If you are marketing for the first time, we suggest you list a couple of objectives so you don’t become overwhelmed.

An example of a video marketing objective would be to increase brand awareness.

This is really important as your overall social media video marketing depends upon it.

Keeping this in mind, you can effectively deliver and focus on the key objective.

For certain brands, videos are used vigorously for marketing.

Marketers can begin advertising on the product page on the site and afterward, branch out to land in a social advertisement.

While they can also make videos just for online promotions. This is particularly valuable for direct-to-customer brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Where product videos are important to assist the shopper in picturing themselves with the bag.

There are five phases of the marketing funnel and videos can fall effectively into each stage, as long as you foster your social media video marketing content technique to deliberately focus on these stages.

As you decide what your objectives are for video marketing, think about where they’ll likewise fall in the channel.

Realistic portraying the different phases of a social media video marketing pipe, defining your objectives and recognizing the channel stage will assist you with making exceptionally compelling suggestions to take action in your video marketing content.

Choose your platform(s)

Each significant social media platform has its own video form.

Older platforms like Facebook offer a few types of videos while more current ones like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok depend entirely on one video form.

If you are new to branding and want to deliver a successful social media video marketing plan then begin with the ones where you as of now have crowds laid out.

Choosing Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram platforms would be a decent start as it is recorded that the audience available on these platforms spent around half of their watching videos.

One more consideration for picking the right stage for you is knowing what your competitor is offering and what video aspects must be shown. This is significant since, in such a case that you might want to repurpose your videos, it’s ideal to pick platforms that suit you well.

Social Media Video Marketing Formats and Elements

As various social platforms consistently add more elements and features, it very well may be difficult to monitor what sort of video content can be transferred where, or when you could have to do some extra modifications or improvements.

Here are the main points for your reference that you’d really want to know while uploading videos to each social media platform:


  • Landscape and Portrait oriented video
  • Livestreaming
  • Short clips


  • Two formats of video orientation- Portrait and Landscape
  • Livestreaming
  • Facebook Stories


  • Two formats of video orientation- Portrait and Landscape
  • Livestreaming
  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Reels


  • Two formats of video orientation- Portrait and Landscape
  • Livestream
  • Twitter Fleets – Stories


  • Landscape oriented videos
  • Livestream


  • Portrait oriented video

At last, if you plan on marketing recurring video series, for example, product how-to guides, then take help from networks like YouTube and Facebook where you can arrange them into playlists.

Recently, Instagram uploaded a series element for IGTV, as well.

Select your video types

There are many kinds of video types out there, and it’s quite difficult to know where the videos will be put on online platforms- videos can be used for various purposes to support your overall marketing strategy.

Choosing the kind of video that turns out best for your image is a significant step in your social media video marketing strategy.

It is quite true that not all videos will be similar and that’s perfectly normal as overall they will be assisting with your key objectives.

The following are a couple of video types and their prominence.

Though each one of them is different; however, each one solves a different purpose required for your business.


These are instructional videos and can enhance brand awareness for new clients.

They regularly take a not-so-much easygoing but rather more cleaned tone and layout the brand as a specialist.

In case, you plan to create educational videos for current clients, the videos could be centered around guides and ways to benefit from your product or service.

Making Of

These kinds of videos give a look into the company’s activities, staff members, operations, management, etc.

Usually, they serve to engage the crowd or give a virtual look in the background processes.


With visitor speakers, interviews are an incredible approach to acquainting your crowd with a new powerhouse as well as the other way around.

Giving the virtual mic over to a visitor can be fun and give somewhat more genuineness to your brand.


These incorporate jokes, adorable young doggies, and even tricks.

They serve exclusively to engage the crowd yet can be an extraordinary approach to emphasize your brand identity and voice and build a sense of community among your crowd.


In marketing, these videos appear as though client features and assist with making social evidence for your company.

Videos that grandstand how a client used your product or services and their fulfillment with it work on an association level: preferably, a potential client will see themselves in that video and be convinced to buy.

As indicated by the above survey, 48% of buyers need the video to reflect the particular item or service that they own or are keen on.

Whenever you’ve figured out which kinds of videos to promote, it’s an ideal opportunity to move onto arranging the real video.

Plan content creation

A decent content creation plan will save you time and money over a long period.

Regardless of whether you plan it with a flowchart or older style pen and paper, you really want to know how successful social media video marketing will be made and shot.

You have choices for content creation and after creation. To achieve the same you can hire a content agency that will reduce a ton of the pressure in stages 4 and 5.

They’ll deal with all of the preparation and endorsements, you simply need to give the direction.

However, if you plan to do it all on your own, then you’ll be required to follow the below necessary steps:

  • Arranging hardware devices and shooting material
  • Writing and modifying the content
  • Storyboarding the video
  • Arranging the place for an ideal recording.
  • Gathering the desired individuals who are included
  • Finding the person or agency for the video to be altered
  • Figuring out who will confirm each progression. For instance, you need to ensure that the content sounds great and is in accordance with your voice. This could require two individuals to audit it.
  • Make sure that the music you’re utilizing is perfect for you.

As you go through the content creation plan, you’ll discover a few different ways that you want to change it or things you missed before, particularly assuming this is one of your first made for launching a successful social media video marketing.

After your strong marketing plan is executed, it’s an ideal opportunity to continue on to post-marketing.

Plan for post-marketing

You need to manage a lot of time to plan and execute post-marketing, particularly if your videos are meant for the purpose of the advertisements or something of greater needs.

After videos are created and sent for changes it doesn’t mean simply cutting scenes and assembling them back to music.

It additionally incorporates options like captions, text overlays, CTA (Call-to-action) screens, and much more.

The more you shoot or make additions in the videos, the more cleaned you need it; thus, the additional time you’ll require.

Though there are a plethora of modifications available on YouTube and Facebook from where you can edit your videos, change your target audience, edit the caption, add tags, and much more.

Schedule and promote

Once your video is all ready, it’s time to upload it. For uploading the video and to successfully promote it, you need to schedule it at the most appropriate time i.e. when your target audience is most active on the social media platforms.

A right and successful social media video marketing require one to promote it at the right time and right day.

Though some social media platforms like Facebook allow people to manage publishing tools; however some won’t.

You must remember that a single video is not sufficient on social media platforms.

You need many more to attract and handle customers on these surfaces.

However, you can promote a single video multiple times in a month.

This gives a better opportunity to save video creation expenditure and spend the same on promoting the earlier ones.

One fully edited and approved video can be uploaded and promoted for many months on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.; all depending on your promotion budget.

You can even cut videos into shorter clips and then promote them.

You need to think out-of-the-box when launching successful social media video marketing.

If you plan to Livestream your videos, you will be required to upload and promote them multiple times so that the maximum number of viewers can be achieved.

Comprehend and analyze data

The last step in launching a successful social media video marketing is the most significant of all: measuring and analyzing it.

You won’t know how your video is performing unless you investigate the insights related to it. What is the view counts?

How many people have watched it? How many shares, likes, or comments have your videos received?

There are several measuring tools with a wide range of metrics available online that can help you in analyzing your videos’ data.

Plus, every social media platform has its very own measuring system that will let you know how every video performed, now and again even down to the number of individuals who watched the initial three seconds of your video.

It’s additionally essential to remember that considerably older videos will be watched.

With the right blend of keywords and a catchy subject, even a few-year-old video could captive your clients’ attention today.

With these seven steps to a successful social media video marketing, you can make creative videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

There are other platforms that assist in supporting your promotion campaigns.

Remember that a convincing video asset can increase your targets’ reach, forge a passionate association with shoppers, and make them loyal through enticing storytelling. Check it out!

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